Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Nice one.

So, yes. A while back I got the opportunity to spend some time with one of Europe’s finest documentary film makers, a guy called Stefan Jarl – I did some takes for the Filmjournalen magazine. And now, since the mag is published I thought I’d share my favorite frames of the man with you dudes.

So, have a ball folks.

( Jarl by Rönnqvist 1/4 )

( Jarl by Rönnqvist 2/4 )

( Jarl by Rönnqvist 3/4 )

( Jarl by Rönnqvist 4/4 )

This was a really fun shoot to do, the man was great to work with – thanks Stefan. What makes me really happy is that Stefan Jarl decided to use one of my frames at his own web imperium as one of those “use this one press people” shots. Nice!

—>>> Stefan Jarl

Have a blast chaps – and be sure to subscribe to Filmjournalen!

// Tage – Jarl

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4 Responses to “Stefan”

  1. Dendä första shottin e heeelt hullu bra!;)

  2. Siiisti, tack! :)

  3. Den e no ganska lol faktist

  4. åååja! Tack pojkar!

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