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Saturday, January 29th, 2011

That’s right!

Tomorrow I’m about to go meet up with the Swedish documentary film maker Stefan Jarl, a man who has changed the way loads of people see loads of things. He has been making documentaries since the 60′s, he is a bloody legend, probably most known for his MODS-trilogy. This is a man worth checking out..

—>>> Stefan Jarl

This week Helsinki is very “documentary-ish” since it’s the tenth year the DocPoint film festival is in town, and one of the main guests this year is Stefan Jarl.

Filmjournalen is putting up a big article on the man and Tage is about to shoot the frames for the writings, and yes, as always when it comes to these big-shot kinda guys, you’re kinda fucked with minutes, I have been given around 20 minutes outside a cinema in the Helsinki city center to get the shots ready. Well, what can I do, I better make the most of it, that’s all I can do really. So please, wish me luck and keep your fingers properly crossed, cause I’m in for a ride!

The Stefan Jarl issue of Filmjournalen will be out in March, so don’t expect any Stefan shots before that, can’t really publish em’ before they hit the stores.

Tonight, I’ve been going through some ideas on how to make the most of my 20 minutes tomorrow, and I really hope I’ll be successful in this task!

// Tage – Stefan Jarl

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