Snaps from Musik & Talang 2011

Saturday, September 24th, 2011


So, today I attended the Musik & Talang 2011 forum in Wasa at Hotel Central, it was a very pleasant experience and my workshop together with Lasse Norrgård went great. And hey, there were acctually several attendees at our “music video production” workshop – lovely!

I checked out a few of the other workshops aswell, and let me tell you, these occations were jam-packed with eager music indusrty faces, Musik och Talang 2011 – 10 points!

And here you go, some quick snaps from the showdown this morning!

( Tage at Musik & Talang 2011 – photo by Matias Löfman )

( Kjell Ekholm, Elin Blom, Redrama, Patrick Linman, André Linman )

The pic above is taken at a “the road to success” workshop where Elin Blom, Redrama and the Linman’s talked about their careers – and let me share this with you, this thing was fantastic and tremendous! Gotta love André Linman’s way of expressing himself.

You shoulda been there.. Hah – maybe next year?

Thanks alot Musik & Talang 2011 for your lovely arrangements.

—>>> Musik & Talang

Have a good one folks!

// Tage – Musik & Tage

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  1. Why are all the happenings in Vaasa…? It’s like the universe hates me.

  2. Haha.. Dunno what to say. :)

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