Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Tonight is a promo night.

This very evening I will be taking promotional shots of the hip n’ cool Helsinki-based rock band called SKIES. We are aiming for a bit different type of promo shots, you’ll see – all in good time son. Hopefully we’ll get the shoot working fine and that everyone is “taggad till 1000″. (Täggd’ to thousand or whatever)

Last december I shot promotional frames for this group, but since then one of the guitarist has quit the band and it’s time for new promos! So wish me luck tonight. Unfortunately I think I need a tripod for the shoot and I don’t possess one, think I’ll swing by Anttila to pick up one of those cheap-ass crappy tripods, what can you do – I’m only a guy :-)

Stay tuned for the pics!

And and – - – if you’re interested in listening to the guys, check out their myspace…

PS. This wednesday it happens on Yle FST5 at 22.30.. My documentary about the awesome rock act Gung-Ho! will be shown together with an interview with me and Magnum Bayer. Be sure to watch it. (if you’re in Finland that is)

//The T man

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