Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Well yes.

At the moment I’m working on a splendid new show called SIMON for Pampas Production. It is sort a streetgame in Svenskfinland to be screened on Yle Fem in 15 episodes.

The show is goin’ down in every major city in Finland on the west coast in the beginning of August. Right now we are very much lookin’ for teams of 4 people to take part in this show. All in all we are on the hunt for 12 teams. Sort of a tournament kind of idea.

Your job is to collect points during 12 hours in one of the cities, your team will be rewarded with points when you complete different tasks – everything from problem solving, daredevil-jackass-type-of-tasks as well as to test your social skills and get people to for instance sell you their underwear. Hundreds of different tasks during 1 day.

Anywho, right now the hunt for different teams is very much on – so why not hit us with an e-mail and we’ll come cast you and your buddies!

Why not feel a small teaser?

( #SIMON teaser )

So, ponder upon it – is this something for you perhaps?

And while we’re at it, find us on Twitter and Facebook of course.

—>>> #SIMON on Facebook

—>>> #SIMON on Twitter

Simon says: have a great day champs!

// Tage – #SIMON

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