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Saturday, November 27th, 2010

So, yes!

Last week I got invited to the Shear camp to check out one of their vocal sessions, setting the vox tracks for one of their new songs. And before I even start, the song, jeez, the track sounded so awesomely great that, well, well awesome!

( The Lauri of Shear )

This is me presenting some shots from that very evening to you. Fun fact: Shear is sharing their casa de la sound with Amoral cause of the fact that the bands possess the same drummer dude.

And yes, I have never seen a cooler rehearsal place than this one, I mean, these guys had showers and even a sauna over there, how cool is that?

( The Alexa spin! )

The band have already released a 4-track EP called “In solitude” earlier, which got some really great reviews from metal journalists all over the place, and now, well I don’t exactly know what they have in store for us this time, but I bet we are in for something grand, spectacular and awesome! At least they are currently making demos from a variety of loads of new great tunes, perhaps we can start waitng for a full-lengther? Who knows..

If you haven’t heard any of their tracks, well, head over to their site for some free downloading!

—>>> The Shear site

( Mike & Lari making plans for the metal future )

And what else on these guys? Well. This group is awfully talented and I assure you that only greatness, grandeur and heavy progressive metal will come outta these fellas. Be sure to stay updated on the latest from Shear!

( Lauri with some cool licks )

And yes, these guys have done quite alot of shows these past months, I haven’t been able to see them more than two or three times, so if you’ve seen their past shows, did you like it? Cause I know that they have loads of great songs. Please tell me!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed checking in on Shear, have a good one folks!

//Tage – Shots from the Sound INN

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