Thursday, March 11th, 2010

( The Scar Symmetry encore )

..Let me tell you the Scar Symmetry & Bibleblack story boys and girls. This blog/vlog post is a small teaser from last night’s gig held at Dante’s Highlight in Helsinki. The bands performing this particular night were Scar Symmetry, BibleBlack and Blackstar Halo. Unfortunately I got to the place too late to witness the Blackstar Halo gig so there will be no pics whatsoever of those guys… Sorry. But I’m still wondering how in the world I ended up shooting this gig, I’ll tell you in a bit, but first I’ll give you a small video clip from the show! Gotta love this video blogging stuff!

( Scar Symmetry – The Illusionist )

Right.. The background then. I haven’t been listening to Scar Symmetry since only a few days ago when I noticed that they were coming to Helsinki to rock my socks off. I checked em’ out and I instantly fell in love with their music, so I decided that I will try everything in my power to get a photo pass card for this show.. Almost every attempt failed, I couldn’t get a hold of anyone who knew anyone attached to any of the boys performing, but then suddenly my good friend and guitarist Mike from Shear called and told me the following things..

“I think that one of the Scar Symmetry Guitarists named Jonas Kjellgren has a studio of his own in Sweden, and they have a web page, maybe you’ll find some phone numbers from there”..

So I googled around and found the cellphone number to Jonas Kjellgren and I instantly called him up, and this was about 4-5 hours before the show.. He answered, and after a quick chit-chat I got my name on the list and I was in.. Awesome!

Let us all now have a peek at what Lars Palmqvist, one of the vocalists from Scar Symmetry had to say after the show…

( Lars Palmqvist of Scar Symmetry after the gig… )

And yes.. Since this is a teaser of what’s to come during next week or so, I haven’t had the time to go through all the pics from the show, but I rapidly put together a few shots from both of the shows for your entertainment folks..

( Lars Palmqvist & Per Nilsson – Scar Symmetry )

..And what about BibleBlack, I hear a vast reader voice sadly mumbling from afar. Well of course, naturally I did a small video blog with the fronter of BibleBlack also.. This is shot right after their show, so enjoy – and you gotta love Kacper Rozanski’s eyes. Lovely!

( Kacper Rozanski of BibleBlack after the show )

I thought that the BibleBlack show was so awesomely cool so I even bought their t-shirt. That is something I usually do at Iron Maiden gigs, so the bible boys really had a certain impact on me. And they were also a really nice gang of dudes with great attitudes. And of course I’ll give you a teaser of the shots from their show also, enjoy mothertruckers!

( BibleBlack )

This was it for today boys, girls and readers. I’ll hit you with full reports and lots of pics from both of these shows as soon as I get my shit together and start to edit the show shots from Dante’s Highlight.. Perhaps some time next week! You folks have a good one now and hopefully a really magnificent Thursday!

Yes, almost forgot.. If you wanna check out the bands on myspace, just follow the links people!

Scar Symmetry —>>> ( )

BibleBlack —>>> ( )

Blackstar Halo —>>> ( )

Thank you guys for an awesome evening!

//Tage – The Black Scar Shooter

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  1. Very nice shots! Have to listen to these guys!

  2. Thanks a lot man!
    You really need to check these guys out, awesome acts!

  3. Journalist Tage ;)

  4. Haha! :) Tack..

  5. En keksi enää mitään uutta millä kehuisin kuvias :D Mahtavia, niinku aina.

  6. Oi, mahtavaa, ja kiitokset!
    Lisää tulee ens viikolla..

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