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Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Yes, oh yes.

Last weekend we shot the “Santa Cruz – Aiming High” music video in Karjaa. And here you go, a set of making of pictures, all of em’ shot by Niklas Laurin.

( All shots by Niklas Laurin )

The video will premiere in a near future, I don’t have an exact date yet but I know for sure that it’ll go down within’ a week or so. Keep a lookout by following em’ on Facebook..

The video was shot with the RED Scarlet using Zeiss lenses, and some small bits and pieces on the Black Magic Design camera. Hopefully you’ll like the result as soon as all the cuts and chops have been put down and finalized.

—>>> Santa Cruz Facebook

—>>> Eva Lingon Facebook

Have a splendid one folks!

//Tage – Santa Tage

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