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Friday, February 4th, 2011

Smash bang!

Nice one folks, I have been assigned to the Rocksam Agency team as their director of photography! This is some swell news all right. And what does it all mean? Well, it means that I’ll be getting loads of rock shows to attend with my 5D Mark Tage this year. Don’t really know any other way to put it, I have been drafted to the Rocksam Agency with a shooting task – splendid! Expect loads of live shots at my site in the future!

Rocksam Agency is an event agency that arranges rocking events. They represent bands, comedians, entertainers and loads of other cool stuff, so now you know!

And hey, this I gotta show you. If you swing by at the Rocksam Agency site you’ll find a picture of me looking like this! Kinda grand ey?

( The Tage – Designed by Robin C. Bertlin )

So, wanna do something for me, yes? Yes you do. Become a fan of Rocksam Agency on facebook and you’ll make loads of people happy! Off you go.

—>>> Rocksam Agency on Facebook

—>>> The Rocksam Agency website

Nice one chaps, have a good one!

// Tage – Director of Photography

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