Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Yes, this up n’ comin’ Thursday we are shooting a short commercial spot for a radio show called Succémorgon hosted by Janne Grönroos, Isa Mårtenson and Ted Forsström. This is a show that airs every single day on Radio X3M!

Today we established some lovely contact with our shooting location. However, hours before this was even thought of, the infamous Zammy von Clinch came by the Maplefield residence down-town Hellsinchy. And yes, I seemed to say, why not make a post outta it? So, here you go, the guys doin’ indie!

( Zammy von Clinch, Mr.Maplefield, Ramedus, El Tage )

Yes, then we laughed, youtube’d a little and off to the commercial location to figure stuff out. And why not snap a memory at the Ilmaveivi train-station?

( At the Ilmaveivi train station… )

Yes, anything else, well I’m lookin’ forward to Thursday! Gonna be a swell shoot commercial shoot, I bet you’ll love the script. More on this later!

Chill Winston.

// Tage – Ilmaveivi

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2 Responses to “Pre-production”

  1. Haha…vitsi så humor! Ser ut som en skolpojke på andra bilden!

  2. Haha, Anders i 7B åker “tåg” till skolan.

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