Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Yes, here you go!

Well I promised you guys that I was gonna put up Anders Lönnfeldt’s new short spectacle Parasomnia as soon as he posted it to the almighty web, so here you go, a short film by Anders Lönnfeldt shot on the RED camera.. Hope you enjoy it!

( Parasomnia by Anders Lönnfeldt )

The man has also made another short called “Amnesia”, and now “Parasomnia”, what’s next “Insomnia”, “Imovane” and “I can’t fucking sleep”. Catch you on the flip side guys.

// Tage – ParaTage

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2 Responses to “Parasomnia”

  1. Haha..Thanks;) “I can’t fucking sleep” kommer som nästa. Gleser kar!

  2. Haha :) !! :) Gleser kar! :)

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