..on the air again!

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Yes! It’s true and awesome!

I’m about to go on air again, I got a call from a very nice lady over at Yle Radio Vega today. They want me as a guest on the “Tonträffen”-show.. Awesome.

I’m invited to talk about my work with artists plus, and this is grand, I get to choose 4 different songs to be played during my 35 minutes of fame.. And these have to be songs by Finlandssvenska artists that have had some kind of impact on me through the years, sounds like I’m a grandad on steroids.. What to pick, who to lick?

So, this is all good. The show will not be live, we’ll record the thing next Monday in Helsinki – lookin’ forward! And yes, I’ll let you know when to tune in as soon as I get the facts..

And then, all of a sudden, a weird thought caught me on the sofa. A thing no one has pondered upon before. A fact that’ll change the way you view the world. Why does two of the biggest tv-shows ever have the same name? Check it out folks…

( OC & OZ )

Any other nonsense to report on my good me? No. I’m such an ass.

// Tage – The next big thing on TV, The OR..? No? How bout’ The OT – The final minutes, a sitcom on NHL’s most dangerous overtime goals?

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