Off to Salo – Cause I’ve got Ponies to Kill

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Well awesome.

Today I’m off to Salo to grab a bag of new promotional screens for the ever so lovely hard rock / metal ensemble called Ponies to Kill.

A few years back I worked with these boys on some promotionals and now we are hooked up again – might be a hefty day alright.

Do listen to one of the bands hip rock chunks, it’s quite awesome!

( Ponies to Kill – Might just kill me )

And yes, I sense you asking yourself – “Where have I heard that man before, his voice is awesome” Well yes, thought you’d never ask. The dude is Vesa Virtanen, the man and voice behind Twilight Guardians, you know the ones with the Madonna thing, yes?

Anyhow, feel something jurassic!

( Twilight Guardians – La isla bonita )

Remember now? Yes you do.

I bet we’ll see much more of these Ponies to Kill dudes in a future not to far away, cause they freakin’ rock!

( To Kill ? )

Swing by the Ponies to Kill facebook site – like!

—->>> Ponies to Kill

Wish me luck folks, and be sure to spend your ways summery style.

// Tage – Ponies to Tage

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