Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

So, on the 4th of July the fabulous comedians and radio hosts – Anders Helenius and Samppe Karlsson – will enter the house of Radio X3M once again.

These boys will host a morning show called “Nyrostat” every single morning this summer, on Radio X3M starting in the beginning of July.

And hey, they needed some promotional shots for the show, so the Tage was called in, I sound like a movie trailer don’t I? –  Well, a funny shoot resulted in these frames, have a go at the boys!

( Nyrostat by Tage 1/4 )

( Nyrostat by Tage 2/4 )

( Nyrostat by Tage 3/4 )

( Nyrostat by Tage 4/4 )

So, be sure to tune in to Radio X3M this summer, listen to these boys, they’re great!

—>>> Nyrostat on Facebook

Have a good one chaps!

// Tage – Nyrostad?

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