Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Hello, so yes? no? Thank you. Now that’s a new one!

This day was all about preparations, and preparations for what, I’ll tell you. Preparations for my degree thesis examination, preparations for the video shoot for tomorrow, preparations for this evening when I headed to Konala, just outside of Helsinki City Center, to shoot promotional photos of a great Finnish band called Noidan Kehä. Lots of fucking preparations I hear. And how can I translate the band name, hold on Charlie.. (Tage is gathering thoughts) … Well yes of course, The Witches Ring..? Perhaps.

You can check out their website at ( ), they have some great tunes, and the lyrics are all in the beautiful Finnish language. And the vocalist, Pasi Pollari, he can sing, now that’s for sure.. If you are following my link you should try out their latest EP from 2009 I think, it’s great.

Can’t give you any pics today, sorry, but I can tell you that today’s shoot went great although we only had a few hours at hand. The pics will be in this blog and on the photo page as soon as I’ve finished the editing process, building up a pile of unfinished band promos am I? Yes I am? Love the stress that comes with piles, not. But what you gonna do?

So, tomorrow it will be time for my third music video, but before that, in that very morning, I have my degree thesis examination, tomorrow I will then be able to call myself a bachelor of media around noon, or not. Hopefully I’ll pass, then I will celebrate it with making a music video, haha.. One hell of a fucking Thursday, probably this year’s most stressful day, and if I’ll live by tomorrow evening, I’ll post you some shots of a dude who has finished his school-going, after nearly 5 years of studies. Pray for it to go my way. Like Sinatra.

So, all the best, and jerk off to the rest? What?

//Mr.T – the stress king

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