Saturday, January 9th, 2010

The wait is over, I have finally reached out enough to get a new client.

The new client is Nightmare Enemy, a Turku-based hardrock/metal band and let me tell you, these guys have some awesome tunes going for them. The vocalist Joe North is a longtime friend of mine, born and raised in Waasa, and now we finally have the privilege to work together.

In two weeks time or so I’m headed for Turku to take some new promotional shots of these boys, or actually, not new, the first shots of these boys with Joe fronting the crew. And awesomeness – I get to promoshoot metal boys – my favourites!

They have also recently released a brand new 3-track EP, all avaliable for your listening on their myspace at the following click:


But one new band for my camera will not be enough.. Everyone in need of pictures or <insert you favourite type of media here>, wheter it is your dog or your aunt Selma, give me a ring and we’ll make something happen, cause I know at least you want a new facebook profile picture.. Not that it’s ugly, but still, vaihtelu virkistää you know..

And, also, in a very near future, maybe tomorrow or the next day I’ll post a major blog insert and a bunch of shots from the Sturm und Drang Rock Perry show, the show was held about six months ago, and I have been “somewhat” lazy with the editing of those shots, but now they are about 85% done, and very soon I’ll give them a go on this site, so hold your horses and drink red wine..

//Tage – Saturday night almost live

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9 Responses to “NIGHTMARE ENEMY”

  1. Uhuhu, dom var bra faktiskt :)

  2. Va trevligt att du gillade! :)
    Hoppas dom går långt!

  3. Haha are you going to Turku, the chicago of Finland (or something) : DD I live in the lovely Turku. Yay finally rock perry shots! I have waited those for ages (’cause I was there.) Now hurry up !

  4. Turku, Yes! Lovely place.. Or is it? haha..
    I’ll hurry up with the Perry shots, I promise, hopefully I’ll get them up n’ running tonight! Or more exactly, this night as in yö. But that’s if I’m lucky and as quick as a bee..


  5. Of course this is lovely place ;) It’s Turku!

  6. It sure is!

  7. AWESOME rockperry pics in deviantart ! Now I don’t have to wait them anymore :) I can’t say how cool they are, so much memories of that day. Thanks!

  8. I Thaught Kokkola was the Chicago of Finland.. Turku is more like a suburb of Waasa.

    Fuck Yeah!

  9. JW —>> You’re welcome!

    Saddam —>> Haha, fuck yeah!

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