New layout!

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Yo dudes, kings and queens!

The new layout has arrived!! My awesomely good designer Matias Nystedt and the utterly cool coder Mats Tuovinen, the faces behind the layout and the functions on this site has been very efficient during the last weeks..! They have managed to create a whole new design for me, and this is just awesome news folks! Hope you like it. It’s like Tage in 3D starring Will Smith in space on acid with wings of power the sequel part 4!

Snoop around as much as you want. And yes, almost forgot to mention, I now have a new button called “clients”, gonna fill that one up with stuff as soon as possible, but go ahead and click it just to make sure it’s there..! Anyway, the site now feels very up to date, kinda like it just got outta the shower. So fresh and so clean, no Outcast pun intended…

Keep it real mothertruckers!

// Tage – The New

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5 Responses to “New layout!”

  1. nice one! du har redan etablerat din grafiska profil ser jag..

  2. 100-0 t-paita!!! Ååååååja!!! Lätt en av di snyggaste keikka-paitona man har! Delad första plats me Shakira. Lady Gaga better have nå schyssta..

  3. Petter — Tackar Tackar.. Den grafiska profilen börjar nog vara i skick nu snart.. :)

    Ph — Lady Gaga lär ha di snyggaste t-paitona en man kan vila ögonen på, räkna me de!

  4. Näyttääpä hyvältä !

  5. Jess! Kiitos!

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