Musik & Talang

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011


A quick reminder folks. This upcoming weekend the “Musik & Talang 2011″ showdown/workshop/exhibition/gig-paradise thing is going down in the city of Wasa. You’ll see performance from a variety of top notch artists as well as be able to attend workshops and different lectures on a heap of subjects straight outta the “Music” & “Talent” industry!

Together with Lasse Norrgård from MediaCity the Tage is to be a “speaker/presenter” on Saturday at 09.30PM. During one hour at Hotel Central in the cocktail lounge we will speak on the subject “music video production”.

( Musik & Talang 2011 )

So, you should definitely take some well earned time off and come listen to me and Lasse Norrgård at “Musik & Talang 2011″. It might be interesting alright. Smile.

During two action-packed days (this upcoming Friday and Saturday) in Wasa you’ll have the chance to see live shows by the Von Hertzen Brothers, Redrama, The Capital Beat, Sara Varga, Ronya, The Cajunga, Thoby Loth, Nina Lassander and loads and loads of more fine artists.

Grab the chance – come visit Musik & Talang 2011!

—>>> Musik & Talang

Hope to see you there!

// Tage – One of the speakers

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