Looking at the future – Q1 at Ramedus

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

So, yes?

Well, I haven’t been with you in the last couple of days, but I guess no news is good news right. Has it been all good? Yes it has, I’ve working on some projects, figuring stuff out as well as having a blast with editing a tad of children’s tv.

Nothing really seemed to suite the blog for a few days, but now I’m back with news from the Ramedus office, and as I see your question-mark-formed-face on the “Q1″ issue – well let me enlighten you – this evening we held our gigantic Q1 meeting at the Ramedus office with the crew, and here you go blog – some shots and comments!

( The media ensemble from whatever! )

Yes, it kinda looks like we have formed a cult, but fortunately we haven’t, yet. Tonight we held a major production meeting at the Ramedus office, we discussed the future, pulled out our draw boards as well as painted the future. We have a few music video projects coming up, a few commercial spots and a few project-projects, none of which I can speak of yet, but things that very much needed our attention today – looking good all right! Read all about them here as soon as they develop further.

And then, yes then, yes, Andy Maplefield showed us his latest arty farty short film, shot on the RED camera, called Parasomnia or something, well, it held I title I can’t pronounce, and therefore I can’t remember it.. Anyway, it was a story about a man waking up, and all sorts of weird stuff was going on, u dig? The epic film was about 90 seconds long all right. Well, I’ll post his film here as soon as he gets it on the tube.

( The banana gun and the Xbox controller )

And that was pretty much it for today, keep your eyes open, cause quite soon I will be presenting our next upcoming projects on your favorite site, as for now we are quite tied down with a few commercial spots for Åbo Akademi University as well as some other media products – you’ll get a bunch of making-of-frames as soon as the shoots are going down!

And yes, this is new, a small thought for ya:

“If everyone on earth would lose weight, the planet would still weigh the same. To get the planet obese we would have to import Snickers from Mars?”

And why we would want the planet fatter, well that I don’t know. But still, suck on that!

// Tage – Straight from the Ramedus office

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