Live10 in Turku!

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

And, yes?

It’s time for Tage to go to Turku, again. It all goes down tomorrow. I’ll be going to the Suomen Turku with Ramedus to shoot some live frames at this years version of the LIVE (followed by number) gig.. And this year it’s time for LIVE 10 everybody!

Last year was loads of fun with bands like Iron Maiden, Green Day, Paramore, ZZ Top and the Doors, obviously all of them cover acts.. The thing is held at Kåren on the wrong side of the river. The cover bands performing this year will be Rammstein, Thin Lizzy, Offspring, Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith and Foo Fighters, so I bet it will be an awesome night in Turku! And hey, everyone should join this event! The doors are open – if there are tickets anymore – dunno!

Last year the place was jam-packed with over 500 enthusiastic rockers, and I expect that this year’s honky-tonk will gather at least as many angry rock souls as last year’s event did. I will definitely hand you some video clips and shots from this spectacular event as soon as possible! So, wish me luck folks..!

PS. If you haven’t listened to a band called Sonic Syndicate, well now the time has come, go spotify them immediately!

// Tage – the Live10 photographer

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2 Responses to “Live10 in Turku!”

  1. Miten niin väärällä puolella jokea? Kåren on “täl puol jokke” ja kauppatori on “tois puol jokke” ;) Mu eihän ei-turkulainen voi sitä tietää :D

  2. Haha, you are wrong!
    Luulen kyllä että tiiän mitä on oikein ja väärin Turuussa.. :)

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