Big in Spain?

Monday, January 17th, 2011

This is just awesome, this is brilliant!

Yes, this just in folks. According to a Spanish media website called MediaVida, our music video “The Cajunga – Dancing with the Boys” was one of the best videos from 2010! This is just awesome! Go check out the site, why don’t you!

—>>> MediaVida

And if you dunno what video I’m talking about you can have a glance at it right here, directed by Tage and shot by Rasmus Tåg.

( The Cajunga – Dancing with the Boys – 2010 )

This was some really surprising and awesome news, who knows, maybe the video is topping charts in Tadzhikistan also, who knows!?

// Tage – Dancing on my own!

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4 Responses to “Big in Spain?”

  1. Congrats, boys! The video really is one of the best for 2010! I’m currently dancing with my gorilla poster, he agrees!

  2. Saken så jees!

  3. Ha!! Muimui bien!!

  4. Stef —>>> Aah, that’s right, your poster will be worth millions :)

    Anders —>>> Oh yes!

    Pluti —>>> ¡Sí! Esto es fucking impresionante!

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