Kiuas & The Nibiruan

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Good news!

This upcoming Wednesday I’m headed to Tavastia in Helsinki for some more live shooting, awesome! This time the bands rocking on stage will be Kiuas and The Nibiruan.

Tavastia is a great club for shooting live acts, they have the lights, the feel, the crowd and the everything in a proper order. Really looking forward to that night and I’m gonna go ahead and promise you guys some great shots and even some video blogging..

The Nibiruan have also planned to shoot a small time live video to one of their songs this night, and I will operate one of the angles for the shoot with my own camera.. Cool! But I will not be a part of any editing or so, just shoot it and leave it, nice!

The bands then? Well, Kiuas has released quite a lot of records and The Nibiruan is a new very promising act with members from very cool bands in the Finnish metal landscape, so I guess this will be a night to remember! I love great news, and I love concert shooting – if you haven’t figured that one out earlier.. So, if you have your Wednesday evening off, well join me in the roaring darkness at Tavastia. Tickets 10 euros I think.

And as always when I’m hooked up with some new acts, please check out their sites for more info! Just a click away..

KIUAS —>>> ( )


Any more news this Sunday night? Well, I don’t think so.. I’m headed back to Helsinki in the morning from my stand up comedy journey in Wasa. Peace out mother truckers!

// Tage – The Metal Shooter

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6 Responses to “Kiuas & The Nibiruan”

  1. Ja lyfter på hatten! (från hyllan ner på golvet)

  2. Just de.. Ja viftar på svansen. (Från höger till vänster).

  3. Aaaaa Kiuas on niiin loistava bändi ! Iteki nään huhtikuussa :) Jään innolla oottaan livekuvia.

  4. :) Kiuas on kyllä loistava bändi!
    Mä lupaan ottaa niin hemmetin kovia ruutuja! Ha ehkäkin jotain videoo..!

  5. Parempi oliski ottaa 8)

  6. Niinpä! :)

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