HYSTERIA – World premiere!

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Well yes.

Finally, our latest video has now officially premiered. This one was for the lovely dudes in Sturm und Drang to their new single, the track is a cover song of Anna Abreu’s “Hysteria”.

Check it!

( Sturm und Drang - Hysteria – Directed by Tage Rönnqvist )

The video contains a bag of footage from the upcoming rockumentary LIKE A ROCKSTAR. A film about the band directed by me and produced by Jan-Olof Svarvar for Pampas Productions, the documentary shoot has been goin’ on for about 8 years and the film will be on a screen near you during 2013.

And yes, be sure to see the guys live this summer, they’re awesome.

Also, a big hand to everyone who took part in this music video – can’t thank you enough. Turn it one louder folks!

Music video credits:

Director – Tage Rönnqvist
Cinematographer – Rasmus Tåg
Gaffer – Klosse Wistbacka
Set decorator – Johan Olsson
First assistant camera – Richard Björklund
Lighting – Mikael Nyström, Isabella Segercrantz, Björn Knif, Jonas Tallgård
Production Manager – Klosse Wistbacka
First Assistant Director – Jeija Lindholm
Make Up – Sara Dahlback
Producers – Pampas Production, West Bay Entertainment, Eva Lingon

Additional photography – Benjam Orre, Tage Rönnqvist, Patrick Linman, Timo Vähämäki, Patricia Östman
Stills – Daniel Bro
Animation – Jussi Saarelma, Anni-Julia Tuomisto
Editor – Rasmus Tåg
Supervising editor – Jan-Olof Svarvar
Grading – Klosse Wistbacka, Stefan Bergfors
Production assistant – Sanna Degerlund
Concept – Jan-Olof Svarvar, Klosse Wistbacka, Tage Rönnqvist

Dancers – Jessica Edström, Camilla Berg, Linn Snellman, Linda Back, Katarina Saari, Anna Liljekvist, Maria Wingren, Sofie Norrgård, Hannah Kjellman, Jennifer Virtanen, Julia Hansson, Nicole Haglund, Anni Johnsson, Evelina Rudnäs, Janita Strang, Thaméa Pynttäri, Rebecca Snygg, Katja Ianchina, Minna Lindblom, Veera Heikkilä, Ronja Jaakola, Jannika Viljanen, Kati Jaatinen, Anna Järvinen, Emilia Salo, Kitte Ala-Sippola, Hanna Vanhanen, Lina Gäddnäs, Sara Fredriksson, Anna Hult, Jessica Renlund, Tua Suojanen

Henkell Trocken, Warner Music Finland, Patrick Linman, YH Novia / Bo Forsander, Stagelight, Energy Dancers, Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd, Johanna Öman, Anders Lönnfeldt, Freesound, Jimmy Westerlund

Parts of the Hysteria video are taken from the upcoming rockumentary LIKE A ROCKSTAR. Produced by Jan-Olof Svarvar (Oy Pampas Production) and directed by Tage Rönnqvist (Eva Lingon Oy Ab Ltd.).

// Tage – Hysteria

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