Helsinki Comedy Festival 2010

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Yes! Back on track again… And now I’ll be here, enough with the Chrome-breaks, enough of these explorer-explosions, enough of these Firefox-fire-alarms, enough of these enough’s, they’ll get it. What? Yes, they’ll get it. Enough. Anyway, cause of my “switching apartment adventures” my www-experiences have been rather absent and off sure.. Get it? Yes you do. Hello web, hello bloggering – again!

The thing I’m here to mention this fabulous night is that I will be showing my lens to several stand-up comedians again, during the Helsinki Comedy Festival 2010 which starts in a week or so.. Yes. This is great news. I love to shoot stand-up. And now I get to do it for a whole night again! This time I’ll be at Bio Rex in Helsinki framing some cool pixels for André Wickström, Anders Helenius, Lasse Nilsen and Jack Björklund..

This is all going down during the “på svenska” part of the 5-day comedy festival held entirely in Helsinki at several different venues. Gonna be awesome! You should check out the event, yes..? Clicker..

—>>> Helsinki Comedy Festival 2010

And you should also get some tickets for the show and come see these fabulous performers..! And why not, yes, I’ll post some clips with some of these funny fellas. Laugh.

( André Wickström – Parlamentet )

( Anders Helenius – Humorsmedjan )

( Lasse Nilsen – Sthlm Live )

( Jack Björklund )

And that’s it folks. Wish me luck.

// Tage – Ha-Ha

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