Good evening Europe!

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Yes, this is to all my readers in Hungary!

Be sure to vote for Finland tonight, cause I’ll vote for you – done deal?

( Be sure to vote for Finland tonight! )

Have a splendid Eurovision night folks, and a big ass mothafuckin’ good luck to Paradise Oskar!

// Tage – Düsseltage

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4 Responses to “Good evening Europe!”

  1. Congrats to you, proud finnish people! :D It sucks that I couldn’t vote, but seems like you did it without me, haha!
    Paradise Oskar and Nina for Serbia are my favorites for this semi-final. The one on thursday has more good songs in my opinion…Belarus, Sweden, Denmark…even Bulgaria (in comparison with previous years). Sucks that we’re in the game with “the big ones” :/

  2. Hello Mr. “R”!!!
    Greeting from Hungary! I will vote for SUOMI but just because this sweet article. :) Be happy!!!XD
    Aaaand: I have a question: Is it possible to contact you??? (Not because of elfish and dirty causes…)
    And Stef: Don’t you like Wolf Kati and her song???? -.-????o.O????
    Szerelem miért múlsz???
    p.s: I like your blog too! The only problem is that instead of learning I’m spending my time with reading… -.-
    And examination period is coming. :X
    Ok, that’s all…
    Minä menen nyt, koska minulla on kurssi illalla ja aion opiskella.(I hope it is right.:D)
    Best wishes, I am waiting for your answer.
    Thanx, Al

  3. …Yes! Tomorrow wil be quite an exciting night. The Belarus entry is awesome, but I don’t love it as much as she seems to love her country :) ! Lovely. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Poli Genova and for the people of Bulgaria! Cool song btw..

  4. VanillaHarlequin —>>> Nice!! :) You voted for Finland! Thanks! I put my vote on Kati, she was great – good luck in the finals! :)
    And yes, you can contact me easily by sending me an e-mail to the following e-mail… ! :)

    And you even speak finnish! :)

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