Friday, March 19th, 2010

So yes!

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, the video Sunday is getting closer by the hour, yet again.. This Sunday it’s time for the making of my fourth music video. Today was yet another day of planning, scheming and figuring things out.

( Ramedus – Painobaari )

Yes, we went location sniffing today with Rasmus, he hadn’t been to Painobaari at all, where the shoot is goin’ down on Sunday.. But I sense that he liked the place.. We exchanged some words with the owner of the place, Weku, he said that everything was already arranged and that he was really waiting for the shooting day. Cool. Apart from the creative decisions concerning this thing I think that all of the practical arrangements are looking somewhat ready and steady.. And that is very pleasing!

( Tage at Ramedus )

Yes, the picture is flip-flopped.. I thought you’d never notice, but since I mentioned it, you will by now have noticed it right? Flip left? Or perhaps you thought that you knew that the shot was horizontally flipped since the apple now is eaten from the coke side of life.. No commercial intended.

Well, we headed back to the Ramedus offices over att the Arabian Beaches shortly after scouting our way to some creativity drinks.. Or whatever they were or are called. This shit makes hella no sense. No it doesn’t. We had some pasta and suddenly the great Andy Maplefield showed up at the doorstep of Ramedus..

( Andy with the happy water )

The cool thing about all of this video is that we will probably be a gang of somewhat 15 people doing the video on Sunday, now that sounds freaky.. 15 people in a small restaurant lip-syncing with a camera.. This is by far the biggest music video project I’ve been involved in, and it makes me so very excited.. Hopefully we will pull through and make a great video for the boys of Coredust!

Tomorrow I’ll get up early and head to a video crane building course with Magnum W and Ramedus.. Should be interesting! Take care now, bye bye then!

// Tage – The planner!

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  1. Why is neither of you smiling? Cheer up, Sunday is coming! Robots. :D

  2. On the next shots of us I promise you that we will be smiling, smiling like we never seen happiness before! That’s a promise, and perhaps one of those promises I can keep!

  3. Ja gillar såå bilden på mig ;)

  4. Ja känner en viss gleshet i Anders uttalande!

  5. Gleser karl, gleser kommentar!

  6. Ootan innolla tätä ! Nyt on aikaa seurailla ku makaa kuumeessa kotona :D

  7. Jippii! Norovirus iski tänne. Saattaa olla hieman veto pois sunnuntaina :(

  8. Ai kuumettako tuli nyt yhtäkkii, voi jumalauta..
    Parane pian!

  9. Esa –>> Voi harmin paikka…. Yritä nyt parantua! :)

  10. Kiitti, eiköhän tästä päästä viikonlopun aikana yli. :)

  11. Aivan varmasti!

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