Fantastic music video news!

Friday, March 26th, 2010

So yes?

I got some fabulous news this fine afternoon when I got a call from Esa, the fronter of the band Coredust. He told me that we are gonna arrange a premiere night for the upcoming Coredust video to the song called Without Disguise, which we made last week. A public viewing at Painobaari in the city center of Helsinki!

Of course this was old news to me, but the date is very interesting. I know I told you that we were gonna show you the video in June 2010, but some magic happened and the premier has been moved to the 10th of April at 21.00. This was all grand news and everything, but since my editing partner Ramedus is having cold drinks in Israel at the moment, there will be some manageable difficulties..

After a few calculations we found out that we will have around five days to edit the video, but that shouldn’t be a problem as long as the computers are on our side. Keep your fingers crossed God.

So, whaddaya say folks, wanna come see the video a fine Saturday evening at Painobaari about two weeks from now, of course you wanna – all you have to do is to grab some spare time and show up..! After the video premiere the band will perform a full length show for us! And that is something you don’t wanna miss.

Mark this stuff in your iPhones people – 10th of April, Painobaari, 21.00, brand new music video, Coredust, first time screening, PREMIERE!

// Tage – the happy face

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2 Responses to “Fantastic music video news!”

  1. Oj säääken! Nu blir de HC editing ;)

  2. Så kan man också se på saken! :)

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