Eva Lingon – back on track for 2012

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Well yes.

About half of the Eva Lingon staff, ergo, Rasmus Tåg, has now returned to Helsinki to get busy with the Eva crew again, after his 2 month stay in Wasa. The dude hung out in Wasa working as an editor at Sveng.com for the Swedish TV-show “Så ska det Låta”.

( The Eva Lingon face )

The Eva boys had a long sit-down today tryin’ to put up goals, visions and aims for 2012. Hopefully this will be a good year filled with a great deal of challenges and new projects for Eva Lingon.

Wish us luck into 2012.

(If you are interested in Eva’s services, hit us with letters, questions and proposals at info@evalingon.com).

—>>> Eva Lingon

Have a good one chaps!

// Tage – into 2012 we go!

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