Elämä Lapselle feat. Sturm und Drang

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Well awesome.

A few days ago I had the liberty to join forces with the Sturm und Drang boys as I continued my documentary film journey at the Elämä Lapselle 2012 concert in Hartwall Areena. Sturm und Drang was one of the main acts in front of thousands of screaming fans – a lovely view alright.

The boys are back!

( Soundcheck )

The boys performed with their monster hit “Molly the Murderer” and really enjoyed the hefty audience. The new members Joel Wendlin and Jani Kuoppamaa really rocked it off – great work!

( Sud feat. Patrick Linman backstage )

So, this was all smiley n’ stuff. An incredible evening with some mighty fine footage for the documentary.

( The arena at night )

Be sure to catch one of their shows at an upcoming rocky fall, it’ll be worth it!

Have a splendid day champs!

// Tage – The SuD man

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