Editing the University

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Well, nice all right!

Yes, this Sunday was spent at the Ramedus offices in good will and nice faith. We are currently editing the Åbo Akademi University commercials we shot a few days ago, the final result is coming together quite soon and I’m really kinda proud of our work this time – looks good.

( The ÅA University commercial edit )

Since this was my first time using the Red One Camera it has been quite an awakening ride with all kinds of “issues” and “quests” revealed along the road, especially in the post-department, luckily the golden tech-wizard Ramedus of Pörtom often does like Vincent Vega and “takes care” of  hi-fly-tech-stuff. And why did the Moroccan-Swedish Lady Gaga-hit-producer choose the stage name RedOne?

In a couple of weeks or so the Åbo Akademi University commercial spots should be up n’ running on the youtube, so watch out for the kid above, he’s awesome. And then, all of a sudden today was soon to be yesterday and I made like a tree and left? Ah, works every time.

Have a good one chappers!

// Tage – The new J.Lo is awesome!

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