Editing the University (part 2)

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Yes, swell well!

This fine day I spent hours and hours at the Ramedus office editng the Åbo Akademi University commercial films we spliced into the RED camera a few days/weeks ago. The first decent draft of the films are now finished, edited, sent away and done. We are quite pleased with the result and it’s gonna be exciting to hear and see what you guys think of em’ later on.

But hey, it’s not all work of course. There is a dreaded thing called rendering in the world of video yes, and that takes time, loads of it. So, today when the MacBook Pro was rendering corrections over at the Ramedus office I tried out an old photo technique with my cam, Ramedus got to pose as model and yes, I liked the result – it’s a somehow quite retro/party/vintage feeling in the technique. Dunno, check out my test shot.

( Ramedus posing for my FX/retro/vintage/party/slow-shutter shot )

Well, do tell, or as Robán Tàgué commented the party frame as he jumped by the office tonight, “Ah, a Stureplan shot”.. Well is it? Does it look like the Ramedus is partying in Stockholm although he is just lurking by the office window? Dunno, I kinda like the technique, gonna be my old/new technique from now on, time to fire away loads of these in the upcoming weeks, maybe it’s a hit? Maybe it’s the new thing, maybe everything should look like a party?

Anyway, so where was I, the Åbo Akademi University commercials are gonna hit the web in a week or so, and I will definitely post them here, so keep your eyes and nose open and you’ll get a taste of the University quite soon. Just hold on.

// Tage – Slow Shutter

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4 Responses to “Editing the University (part 2)”

  1. Thumbs up for the party shots!!! :P

  2. Heeell yes!! :)

  3. good looking model

  4. Ramedus comment is irrelevant and not true!

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