Editing the Fireal music video – day 3

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

So, yes?

Well a couple of days ago we shot a music video for Fireal (Warner Music Finland) to a song called “Breathe” partly written by Max Martin. This was loads of fun and right now we are quite busy editing the whole shebang.

I don’t have an exact release date for the video yet but I bet it’ll be running on youtube in a not too distant future. We have gotten as far as a first draft of the thing, now we need to get the right feel to it, get the dynamics working, get the effects blasting and finally get the colors right – quite a lot of stuff to attend to still, but hey, soon oh soon it’ll be ready for the public rock retina. Sith.

( The Eva Lingon Boys – editing the Fireal video )

Anyway, we got a visitor to the editing dorms today, a man called Jonas “Mysfabo” Sundström from Radio X3M, he asked for an interview with me and Rasmus Tåg on the subject – “music video”. Ofcourse my horse, we seemed to say.

And hey, you can listen to this interview today at 12.30PM on Radio X3M on their show called Veckoslutskommittén. So, be sure to tune in, we might have said some funny stuff. Lol.

What else? Nothing really.

—>>> Fireal

—>>> Eva Lingon

—>>> Radio X3M

Have a good one chaps!

// Tage – editing, editing, editing…

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