Editing the Brymir video

Friday, June 10th, 2011

So, yes?

Status report: for two very long days the Tage and the Ramedus have been editing the upcoming Brymir video to their song Retribution, and yes, we are starting to get somewhere with this project now, a video is starting to take shape. I’d say it looks quite swell alright.

Take a look at a quick screen preview boys n’ Brymirizers!

( The Brymir video – screen teaser )

And yes, as you might have noticed, we are going the cinemascope way, lovely and very epic alright.

So, the premiere is closing in by the minute, lookin’ forward to hear what you guys think of the finished product in a couple of days when it’s out in the open.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Retribution video.

—>>> Eva Lingon Ltd. Oy Ab

—>>> Spinefarm Records

—>>> Brymir

Have a fantastic Friday folks, I know where I’ll spend my weekend – in the editing booth.

// Tage – Director of the first Brymir video

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