Echoes – the video!

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Yes, fantabulous times!

In a matter of hours I will be making my 7th music video – awesome! This time we are shooting the thing in MediaCity, Wasa, a fullblown studio video with loads and loads of different lights and other cool “applications”. Gonna be wild!

Together with Rasmus Tåg, Mentor Dreshaj, Magnum W, Sara Dahlback and Pia Lehto we are gonna make Walkalone look awesome. Yes, the video is being put together to their latest single called Echoes..

And hear me out bitches, the video will premier on the 7th of August in Helsinki at Semifinal during their next gig.. So we gotta hurry up! The shoot will last for only one day and the editing is being blazed through in about 5 days or so.. In and out really.

So, expect a “making of” insert quite soon. Until then. Ta-ta. And wish us luck.. I’ll probably be “twitpicing” during the shoot, so keep those mouses clicking!

And why not check out the band?


// Tage – el director

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2 Responses to “Echoes – the video!”

  1. 7-th of August? That’s REALLY ambitious. Well, I wish you good luck with everything and…hey, the waiting won’t be that much. Lovely.

  2. yes that’s right.. the 7th of August. kinda speedy project! you should come to Helsinki for the premier and check out the band live, they are really good!
    and thanks alot for the “good luck”, we are gonna need it!

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