Drottningen av Åland goes Aftonbladet

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Loads of stuff happening around Drottningen av Åland now.

Yes well, this is quite awesome. Pandora attended an episode of Hej Världen which runs on Aftonbladet TV, a small chitty chatty about the Drottningen av Åland song at the very beginning of the show.

Feel it.

( Drottningen av Åland on Aftonbladet TV )

And what else is new. Well, someone made a nifty Kjell Hell Dance edition of the music video, and the same person even made a freakin’ gif-animation of the Kjell Hell dance.


( Drottningen av Åland – The Kjell Hell dance edition )

And do indeed check out the gif-animation, it’s sweet n’ lol!

—>>> The Kjell Hell Åland gif animation

All kinds of stuff!

// Tage – AftonTage

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