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Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Well yes.

This day was spent with the Eva Lingon crew, make-up virtuoso Janina Lakka and David Strömbäck at the Stundars facilities in Solf, shooting David’s first ever music video. We are mighty pleased with the video shoot getting all the shots we intended to capture.

So, check out a few “making of” shots from our day of David, the mighty fine singer/songwriter chap from southern Ostrobothnia.

( The making of our David Strömbäck video )

We shot the video to his not-yet-released track called “Long time coming” co-produced by Janne Hyöty and Paul Oxley. The tune and the video will be released in the beginning of April 2012. Meanwhile, catch David on the web.

—>>> David Strömbäck

A big thank you goes out to Peter Båsk for hooking us up with the very nice locations at Stundars. And yes, Radio YLE Vega came by today to grab themselves an interview with the Eva Lingon boys and David Strömbäck during the shoot, nice. You can listen to the interview if you tune in to YLE Vega sometime between 14.00 and 15.00 this upcoming Friday. That’s all folks!

Have a glorious one chaps!

// Tage – Long time Tage

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