Monday, March 15th, 2010

If you wanna know what I think of The Cajunga’s debut record “Dancing with the boys”, well then you should keep on reading, otherwise, go google something that suits you better.. Review time!

( The Cajunga – Dancing with the Boys )

It’s late, it’s Sunday, it’s.. Well it’s something. I just browsed through the new Cajunga album “Dancing with the boys” for the 9th time.. And then I thought, hell, I might as well write a small piece on the album.. If not for myself arranging my thoughts on the record, but for the boys in the group and for their fans.. Although I highly doubt that their fans are gonna read this, but you never know…

And before I begin I might as well tell you again, that me and Ramedus will soon be doing another music video for these boys, the first video was for the single called “Let me keep my heart”. The new video is being done to the second single of which I know nothing at the moment… Well – let’s start the review now, why don’t we..?

After a few rounds through this record I start to hear the cool differences between the songs. The record sure holds a lot of good and different qualities, quite a wide variety of rock n’ roll – I like it. Of course I don’t like every song, but most of them are good songs, and some of them are really awesome tunes. And I don’t think I’ve experienced a record with simply masterpieces in a long time, not even “best of”-records.. The one getting the closest to a perfect record has gotta be the first disc from Sonata Arctica called Eclpiptica, anyway..

“Dancing with the boys” holds a total of 12 tracks produced by Brian Fitzpatrick and The Cajunga in the Suomen Turku. My definite favorite track on the disc is “The City is Sleeping”. It’s an awesome song with some cool tango influences and great lyrics I might add. Somehow I can relate to this track more than any of the other hits. Especially to the chorus, not so much to the love story involved, but just listen to this..

“Tonight, the city is sleeping, I’ve got things to do, I’ll just stay up working the whole night through”

Right on the money, the simplicity, the core of the chorus, the everything. The song is just awesome, it’s a keeper! And other hits that I find very amusing is the title track “Dancing with the boys”. It has a lead melody that is very hard to forget and a very powerful chorus. That song would make a great second single..

And the first single “Let me keep my heart”, it’s kinda hard for me to give you any words on this piece of music. I’ve heard it like more times than I’ve heard Eminem’s “Cleaning out my closet”, so it’s really hard to say anything creative about it.. It’s a good song and it worked perfectly for a first video!

After I went through the whole shebang quite I few times I got many ideas of what The Cajunga sounds like, so here is a small list that needs your consideration. If you like any of the following artists I bet you’ll find The Cajunga interesting.

1. Guns n’ Roses 2. Blink 182 3. Jari Sillanpää 4. Oasis 5. Nutmeg 6. John Mayer 7. Arctic Monkeys 8. Gyllene Tider

And what the hell was that? Well, it was a list of artists I thought of when I listened to The Cajunga for the ninth time. Hopefully some of the bands was just about right… And what more should be said? Well, Oskar Nyman, the fronter of the show has got an awesome rock voice that should be one for the books. Really love his voice, I get a certain Billy Joe – Bonnie Tyler – Axl Rose – Gerard Way – kinda vibe.. :)

Anyway folks, the record is a keeper with many great tracks and you should definitely think about ordering a copy for yourselves, I know that Massive Attack and Vuokko Hovatta recently released some new shit, but fuck that, buy The Cajunga instead, it’s way cooler! Get it from the following links!

Digital —>>> ( Amazon )

Physical —>>> ( Stupido Shop )

And while your at it my good man, check out their website!

( www.thecajunga.com )

And at the end of each review there should be some kind of a number so the lazy ones can get a fast check of what I thought of the record, well just to be different – here you go, and I’ll even bold it for you!


So, enjoy your Sundays, whatever’s left of them and enjoy the beginning of a new week with exactly the same opportunities as the last one…

// Tage – Loves The Cajunga

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  1. …. lilla gubben, du har stavat “Ecliptica” fel :)

  2. ..aj helvetes skit.. Tack för rättelsen tjejen!

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