Daisy Jack – Popkalaset 2010

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

So, yes?

A few weeks ago I acted as a photo dude-man at the Popkalaset festival arranged i J-City.. While I was snoopin’ around in the festival rain I took the liberty to shoot some of the bands, one of the acts I covered was the Daisy Jack show, a splendid show I might add..

And now, and yes, and always, and and.. Yes. In a series of Popkalaset inserts I thought I’d give you the shots, show by show. And obviously I’ll start with the Daisy Jack act..

( Daisy Jack – Krista )

And here you go folky folks.. The shots from the Daisy show. Click to enlarge right – cheers!

( Daisy Jack – Popkalaset 2010 – J-City )

And hey, don’t forget to swing by their website at the following clicker!


And why not follow them on twitter, kiss them on flickr, hijack them on youtube, spot them on facebook, fuck them on Linkedin and all that crap! C’mon, time is money right, but is money time?

// Tage – Daisy Tage

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2 Responses to “Daisy Jack – Popkalaset 2010”

  1. pic nr.13, awesome!

  2. I thank you very much Mr. Ramram!

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