Cow Race

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Well, something random yes?

( The average milkman )

When I met these beasts today I felt the urge and need to show them to my fellow followers in Bangladesh.. The possible news value in this particular insert is not very high, right? Or is it..? At least I like milk.

// Tage – Milk

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4 Responses to “Cow Race”

  1. The girl is a cow, you have to admit it!

    MILK, ftw.
    They look pretty, though…for cows. Posing like models… :D

  2. ..haha. Milk for the win!
    Cows are lovely, but my clothes smell of cow, even several hours after my cow stay.. Jeez.

  3. Mansikki on aika muikeen näkönen ku oikeen poseeraa :D

  4. :) niin onkin!

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