Cold case Lönnfeldt – The vaner faija

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

It all happened so fast.

After a production meeting that was held this evening, involving Anders Lönnfeldt, we suddenly left the restaurant when the following occurred.

The Lönnfeldt asked me, “Hey dude man, why not take a pic of me sitting at the snow-covered tables having a good time with my cell?”.

I replied “Sure, dude man”.

( Grand master Lönnfeldt )

And that’s it. Wonder what he was checking out on his cell? Maybe he was twittering about the situation?

// Tage – Status reporting from outside Chico’s

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5 Responses to “Cold case Lönnfeldt – The vaner faija”

  1. Nojaa…liite cooler(kylig lixom;)

  2. …dina commentar wörkar on so many levels! :)

  3. Lite som när du säätä levelsina i photaren;)

  4. juuusså!

  5. Antto ser gammal ut!

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