Camp Drang

Friday, October 7th, 2011

So, yes?

All of a sudden I drove to Wasa for a pack of Eva Lingon tasks.

However, this very evening I had the pleasure to visit the Sturm und Drang rehearsal spaces in the vast forests of Wasa.

My task was to grab a few shots of Joel Wendlin, and his brand new bass guitars, for Musamaailma and Spector basses. We had a fun session and the shots will be here on display in a few jiffies. Meanwhile, smell a moment from the Drang camp if you please!

( Sturm und Jeppe, Calle, Joel and André )

And let me tell you, the Sturm und Drang machinery is moving forward step by rockin’ step. A third record is in production alright, expect awesome. Until then.

—>>> Sturm und Drang

Have a georgeous one!

// Tage – Camp Tage

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2 Responses to “Camp Drang”

  1. Third album or not, they better get their asses down to Helsinki some time before summer, or I’ll be really angry. :D
    And I know something has been up with Alex, where the hell is he?

  2. You can be very sure that the guys will visit Helsinki before next summer, otherwise you can call me Dolph. :)

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