Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

So yes? Picture time, Canon moments…?

Now it’s time for a pack of shots, so get ready, and I hope you’ll enjoy this ride. All the shots are taken at the Coredust bandcamp in Vallila, Helsinki. I hung out with the boys on the 5th of January and I have now finally got all the shots edited from a day of rock. During this particular evening we inked together some ideas and notions for the upcoming music video.

The guys are really cooperative, ambitious and they even have a large touch of humor within’ the team. I know that out little video project is gonna be awesome, as long as we get the script written during the coming weeks. And the song to which the video is being planned, just awesome.. Everything’s awesome.. Awesome! Awesome like a hot dog (mild Eddie Izzard reference) <insert your favorite WHAT? here>…

So, let us start the Coredust showreel, everybody ready, probably not, but I’m gonna go ahead with posting anyway. Suckers!

( This one is Jyty )

( And over here we have the great Zhacce )

( The thinking Esa )

( Jyty and his Devil )

( The screamin’ Esa )

( The Devil awaits him.. )

( Lots of Jyty )

( Jyty & Esa after the show.. )

And this was it.. Hope you enjoyed the things as much as I did… We have now reached Wednesday and in just a few hours I’ll be heading to Suomen Turku, now that’s something right..? I’m headed there to take some promotional shots of the metal act called Nightmare Enemy this evening, hope for the best right! I’ll return with more pics and news from the band photographers world perhaps tomorrow, we’ll see..

PS. Check out the fabulous Coredust site —->>>>

( )

Anyway. Ta-ta.

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  1. For all the shots, visit —>>>


  2. Siistejä kuvia jälleen =) Ja mitäs tykkäsit Turun synkästä (?) talvesta? : D

  3. kiitos!
    Pitää vissiin laittaa uus blogi juttu siitä suomen turuusta.. :)

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