Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Some great news actually!

Earlier this week I went to YLE, the Finnish broadcasting company, to meet with the people behind the children’s show called BUU-klubben.. I had a small documentary-series idea, consisted of 10 episodes for their show. They liked the idea and I got the job.. Cool!

This will probably be the biggest freelance thing I’ve done so far, a whole series you know, it’s gonna take quite some time and effort to pull this one through. And even you can participate in the series! (if you are between the ages 3-8).. :) … But still, you can be in it!

And really, that is why I’m mentioning this on the blog.. I need participants for the show. Like I mentioned I’m doing the documentary-series for BUU-klubben, a show which rolls like every day on YLE/FST5. My documentary thing will be shown once a week for 10 weeks… In short, the series is about children talking about their pets, their domestic animals, their “livestock”.. And now I kinda need 10 participants with 10 different pets.

I’m currently in the researching stage tryin’ to find these kids, so if you know anyone who has got a pet of any kind, anyone between the ages 3 and 8 who wants to be on the telly, please contact me! There are some rules of course, since the show is in Swedish, the kid has to speak that particular language, and you have to live in Finland.. And that’s about it.

The animals? (you seemed to ask) – well, the weirder the better. If you have a half-ass monkey, well, then you’re definitely in the show… But seriously though, anything goes. Cat, mouse, rat, dog, budgie, parrot, hamster, rabbit, fish tank, lizard, snake, stick insects, spiders, horses, cows or pigs.. Send me an e-mail and I’ll come by or call you with more info! I think I’ll tape the show during the upcoming summer where ever your pets or animals are localized! It doesn’t matter if you live in Harjavalta, Siuntio or Lepplax..

( And why is this thing not written in Swedish, one might ask, well I don’t know.. )

And just about an hour ago or so I got a call from Sammen at FTW Productions in Stockholm, he told me that one of my shots of Aron Flam, the Swedish stand upper, is currently on display at the SVT.se website.. Now that’s cool! SVT is the Swedish broadcasting company – the Swedish YLE.. This is all because of the fact that Aron yesterday took part in the Swedish telly program called Debatt, produced by SVT.. Check it out yes?

- – - >>> ( svt.se featuring Tage )

That was it for me today folks, no pics again.. Well, don’t get used to it, I haven’t had the time and I’m currently in Waasa with less computer/editing capabilities. Have a good one everyone!

//Tage – contact me, pet holders!

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  1. Huippuu! Meidän mukeloiden lempi ohjelma. Sofia (6v) vois tulla mukaan ja lemmikki on koira niin ja äidinkielihän on tuo Svenska

  2. :) Mainioo. Palataan asiaan puhelimitse..!

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