Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

So yes? I’m not gonna start this by saying it.. But I already said it, so I might as well just go with the flow and say it again, so yes?

The lack of ideas has turned on me again, so I decided to review something, cause that always works when everything else takes a poop in someone’s mouth, or whatever expressions there are for things fucking themselves in the anus.

So, I went to the gigantic Supermarket called Prisma in the semi-small suburbs to the big town of Waasa, I went to the market to get som chicken and rice – a Chinese evening or some shit. But on the way to the chicken desk I saw Victoria Silvstedt walking by, no I didn’t.. I went by the record stash, or whatever it’s called, a place were they serve records in a big store.. And I found Children of Bodom’s semi-new album called Blooddrunk. It was a silly 6€ sign on it, haha, the laughter inside of me raised my Visa Electron to my hands and the rest is history, or is it.. Anyway, chicken and rice later I got to the register, the cashier, I don’t know the English word for “kassa”.. Anyway.. I got there holding my CoB CD, I gave it to the kassaneiti for the beep-sounding machine, it beeped, and she replied “6,66€”.. What? Actually, that was a lie. Then she asked me if I knew Alexi Laiho, the fronter of the band, no she didn’t.

I went home and I put the chicken in the CD-player.

( Prisma 6,66€ )

I immediately liked the sound of this shit, awesome! This is the bands sixth studio album, lots of Sixxes, Nikki would like this I guess.. I browsed through the thing a couple of times and I have to say, this is great record. And I bet all the CoB fans wasn’t at all disappointed when this disc hit the record stores, it has that raw-powered Laiho energy that all of their dics possess.. Is possess spelled with how many s’s? SS? What… ( Non intentionalized Nazi reference ) < insert your favourite nazi chant here > Or don’t.

And hey, I’ve bought all of the Childrens records before this one, and I’ll tell you, nothing gets close to the song “Angels don’t kill”, but the intro of the song “Done with everything, Die for nothing”, found on this record, gets rather close.. Holy fuck what an energetic song. Thanks Bodom.

( Children in the streets of Waasa )

And yes.. The record was a digipack with an extra exclusive DVD. Yay. The DVD held the entire CD in 5.1 and the music video for the title song Blooddrunk, and even the making of the video.. The video was quite good but the making of the video – naah..

So people, get this record and, and, and nothing… Well you can always watch the video put together by a German lady called Sandra Marschner

Children of Bodom – Blooddrunk

And the final phrase, the band shots in the booklet, awesome work by Jussi Hyttinen!

//Tage – The CoB liker

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4 Responses to “BLOODDRUNK”

  1. Jag har två låtar från den! Jag vill haaa! D;

  2. Aika eeppinen toi hinta, 6,66 : DD Yks tuttu kuuli kerran että bodomien bed of razors biisin “The razor caressed your flesh and your arms turned red.
    I feel your vast desire” kohdassa laulettais “mörkötanssi tanssitaan kun valot sammuvat, hei läski saija” ja musta tuntuu että kuulen sen nykyään aina tolleen : DD

  3. Lumi —>>> Om du bara har två låtar måst du nog besöka Den är nog värd fjutiga 6 euro, köp hellre plattan än två folköl, du blir mer berusad av Children än av två kopparbergare..

    JW—>>> Hahaha! En pystyis parempaa keksiä! Haha.. Loistavaa, toivottavasti toi jää mun mieleenkin.. :-)


  4. hahahha precis xD

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