Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Yippie-Kay-DJ! And a Merry Verry Nice Christmas from Tage to his readers from around the Globe!

It was just minutes before the clock struck Xmas when I got a really nice gift from my fellow internet. The great synthesizer kid from Shear called Lari Sorvo sent me a message on Facebook that my promotional shot of them is found and published on – one of the world’s largest Metal/News sites, oh my cool Jesus! This is some Christmas Gift I tell ya. Thanks Shear for being great!

To celebrate this thing I poured myself a glass of the cheapest wine I could find and went out in the Streets of Waasa for about 3 minutes to take a Christmas shot for your viewing! Yeah! Now that’s some effort. The shot is taken right about when the clock turned Xmas, so that’s some effort right – I mean, who was Santa supposed to expect when he jibbered down the street holding a crooked dildo infected with malaria in his left hand.. He sure didn’t expect the wrath of my 5D Mark II.. You can see Santa in the pic if you have some wild imaginations..

If you wanna read and see the small article found on Blabbermouth about Shear, please visit the following link —->>>> SHEAR ON BLABBERMOUTH

And this very day, before the big night of Santa, Shear released their new Myspace site and even their new official web site, you are very able to check them out by tapping on some of the following links…



What gives me joy and pleasure is that the Shear Myspace has had nearly 2000 visits in the first day! Now that’s something for the books, congratu-fucking-lations boys and girl! And an even bigger hand goes out to them for getting themselves to Blabbermouth, awesome news, and good luck to you!

So, with all this said, I wish myself and everyone else a merry fucking Christmas, and a big photogenique hug goes out to Bulgaria and Sweden!

( Merry Christmas everyone )

With everything said this evening, I have nothing left to say! Stay tuned for more stuff when Santa leaves the building, and when he stops the fooling around…

//Tage – har en fick-kniv i sin reve (God Jul Cornelis)

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  1. Thank you so very much!
    Congratulations (again) on the shot being published!
    Have a great Christmas. The Marryiest you’ve had so far! And I hope you didn’t loose a limb when you went outside for the pic, it’s not that cold, right? It’s absolutely cool, though. It’s snowy just as here. ^^

    So once again, I wish you some great experiences during these couple of days!
    And Bulgaria is returning the hug!

  2. Love this pic. I love snow.

  3. Sverige kramar tillbaka! :D Måste säga att jag älskar den bilden, lägg upp på devart kanske? :) Och god jul igen! :D

  4. Stef —>>> Thanks! And I didn’t lose any limbs this time :) And you too, have a happy new year and I hope that you got some really nice gifts from the Claus!

    JW —>>> Thanks!

    Lumi —>>> Tack, tror nog att den hålls exklusivt här på bloggen, det var en julbild som bara skall publiceras på julen, haha :) Och gott nytt År!

  5. Detsamma detsamma! :D

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