Behind the Shame Lane promo shoot!

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

So, yes?

A couple of days ago I fired away a few promotional shots of the up n’ coming sleaze/glam/rock act called Shame Lane straight outta Carp Island.

I figured I’d also snap a few makin’ of shots just to show you what was goin’ on during our shoot. The real deal will be up on your favourite site later on..

For now, have a peek behind the shoot.

( Behind the shoot? )

( Magnum Bayer getting his face done.. )

( Jack the Skipper )

Yes, we pulled off this shoot somewhere in the dark woods of Crown Bay. The makeup was done by Asta Lopatin and our location manager was and is called Iréne Söderholm. I’ll try to get these shots done and ready for your eyes as soon as sleazing possible..

The shoot felt good and I believe we got some keepers – stay tuned for results mothertruckers!

// Tage – Shame Shooter

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