Back in the Shame Cave!

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

So, yes?

A while ago I was the first reporter in the world to do a small status update filled with some shots of the up n’ coming new kick-ass megasleaze riffy band called Shame Lane.

Well, with that said, today I went for a second spin with the boys, jus’ to check out where they are a few weeks later, how things are hangin’ and all the other flingy flangy going on with Shame Lane. So, follow me please.

( The whiskey guzzling harmonica face )

So, when I got there this evening I immediately noticed something new had happened with their cave. Yes. Bass guru Magnum Bayer and the hard hittin’ Dr. Landslide had done a small face lift with their den, putting up loads of small kinda x-massy lights all over the ceiling. Yes.

Magnum told me that he had bought them from a door knocking Polish student who was passing through the Carp Island where these boys are layin down tunes every day! So, Polish lights, sleazy guys. Check em’ out.

( Only in the Sleaze cave! )

Last time I visited these guys one of the band members was absent, but today, two of the band rockers was absent, what? And ofcourse I asked the guys where they were, like you do. And then I got the exact answers I thought I’d get.

Magnum told me that the guitarist and song writer Tony Lane was on his way to Russia in a balloon to count bears. And as for Mr. Goldie Andrews, well he was obviously on tour in Holland with his on-going solo project band called Koopa Tank Brigade. No questions asked.

( Dr. Landslide behind the new drums )

Originally I was visiting the Shame Lane camp sleaze to check out something awesome, yes, Dr. Landslide had got himself a new set of drums.

Magnum told me that they had built them outta wood from their backyard, and the skins was taken from some Lemurs found on The Carp Island. Dunno if he was speaking assballs or if he was telling me the truth. I believe that drums are made outta wood and lemurs, don’t you?

The boys had also changed the battery in their clock on the wall.

( The 10 litre Jäger bottle – the Jesus frame was HUGE )

Yes, all of a sudden Dr. Landslide pulled out a 10 litre big Jäger bottle, so that pretty much will give you a picture of how big the Jesus picture was. Talk about sleaze!

And the music then, well, I got to hear some songs again, and what plans the boys were making. Shame Lane was and is currently checking out some studios, structuring the upcoming demo and so forth.

I’m really lookin’ forward to hearing some recorded tracks from these lads, cause I really believe in these guys – awesome tracks by awesome dudes! Hopefully one doesn’t have to wait too long to see them perform.

( A sleazy constellation I believe )

I believe this was it for today’s report on Shame Lane. Hopefully I’ll get to do another one later on when the band perhaps has got something recorded or even preparing for a live show, you never know. SL, will do you damn well!

// Tage – The Shame Shooter

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