Are you getting married?

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Well yes?

I thought I’d do a small bloggery bite on the “we are getting married, and we need a photoman”-issue. If you, or one of your friends, are getting married this summer, well then Tage is the dude who would be an excellent choice for picturing your most important day!

Some boundaries of course, the wedding has to be located in one of our Nordic countries, otherwise my tickets to Guatemala or whatever would be a bit too costly wouldn’t you say.. And what more, well actually, no more.

The terms then.. I’ll not only take your “thank you” couple shots before the actual wedding, I’ll cover every inch of what’s happening in the church and at the after party. This means that you’ll even get some shots of your tipsy step mom, your good friend Laila and even some frames of your neighbor Steven’s drooling dog, if he is coming that is.. I’ll be your photo dude for a whole day!

You’ll get the edited shots a few days after the wedding and you can use them shots to whatever you like and as many times as you please! And you will also, of course, get a full DVD with all the approximately 2000 shots from the night of importance.

So, if you are getting married, I’ll be the man to preserve the memories from your most important day, digitally. Do not hesitate to contact me people.. Poke me with an e-mail and we will discuss everything!

Take care lovers!

//Tage – your photographer?

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2 Responses to “Are you getting married?”

  1. Du e så lugn! :) Du får dock int komma å fota på mitt bröllop, fö då ska du va i trillon!

  2. Va chef! Du håller på att bli en aktiv Tage-besökare, o kommentarer o allt! De e svårt att sätta ord på hu chef du e!

    På ditt bröllop ska ja va i trillon, punkt slut.

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