Another Turku race!

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Well yes?

Yesterday was some travelling day I’ll tell you. Woke up in Waasa, went to Turku to later end up in Helsinki. Jeez. Gotta love trains right? Anyway, I was assigned yet again to do some more brochure shooting at Åbo Akademi University in Turku. This time it wasn’t that much shooting and thinking. The team only needed a few fast frames for their brochure which is being published to call out for the new upper secondary school graduates..

( Another brochure shot )

The main reason why I was in Turku last night was because I was to pull off my ever first “lecture” or “presentation” in shooting music or concert frames. I had been invited by the photo club called Pictura talk away and give them a small powerpointy presentation, around 30 people present..

And man, this was fun. I’m a man who loves to talk, so I didn’r really pay attention to any clocks (mild coldplay reference), so by the time I was done I realized I’d been blabbering and shabbering for nearly 90 minutes. Haha. Love to do it again sometime! Hopefully the audience liked it and perhaps they even found some joy in me sharing stories and small-time experiences within the creative photo business.

It’s a shame I didn’t take any pics during this night, you’ll have to imagine how it looked and sounded. The day was great, and now I’m high on editing new shots. Keep it real readers!

// Tage – the teacher?

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