André talks about his hair!

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Yes. Cause of public demand, great weather, the right time and place and a huge amount of comments and questions. Yes. That’s why we did this thing with André Linman of Sturm und Drang.. May your questions find their answers!

( André Linman about his hair – Available in Full HD )

Hope you enjoyed this piece of interview, hopefully it helped you guys understand things and riddles about André’s hair!

If it didn’t, let us know.. Your questions shall be answered, in one way or another – maybe I’ll call in the hair-man himself to scribble down some answers?

// Tage – The Hair Maker

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8 Responses to “André talks about his hair!”

  1. what? I’m gone for 2 days and look what you’ve done! Fabulous.
    Okay, now we know all about Linman’s hair and his english accent! Lovely. Does this mean that we can no longer discuss it?
    Why the hell did you cut the video right before his hair comes out? >.<

    laugh my fucking fat ass moment: "But girls! You know girls, right? They have hair…!" Hahahahahahahahaha. I'M BOLD.

    Aaaaanyway, yes, this makes me happy. Loads. Thanks, man! It's like, we talk about something in the comments and there it is in a blog insert. Niceeee. Readers have power.

  2. Sku va så jävla prima om han sku ha 80talsheavyhår,
    jamenar, de e ju ändå doms musikgenre… ;)

  3. Steffi —>>> Readers have power! Well, yes they do! :) This is all done for you guys, thanks for the appreciations! Nice.. But yes, why did I cut it when the hair was about to be revealed.. I just had to.. Otherwise no one would be waiting for the sequel? :) I dunno.. Just to piss you off..? Dunno..

    PG —>>> Jag sku oxo vila att han sku ha en Bon Jovi letti, sku va as-snyggt!

  4. Sequel? When?

  5. André will return in “The André Hair Part II – The revenge of the flat iron (deluxe -director’s cut ) Megaman fuck all!”… Did you not know that? It’s on ABC NBC HBO and every other 3-letter channel I know.. Or am I full of shit?

  6. This better be a 68 part thing with episodes like “André and the curling Znorlox : the culmination” ; “Linman and the hairbrush: illustrating the holy fucking shit. ” ; “Hair rises from the dead: Shampooing as we’ve never seen before” and “André Hairman and the crystal hairspray: dawn of the scissors” + bloopers on HD DVD with extras.

    Shit’s about to go down. :D Haha.

  7. Hahaha!!!

    “André Hairman and the crystal hairspray: dawn of the scissors” :) This titel is fucking fantastic! LMAO (Laughed my ass off..!)

  8. :D

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